Please contact the seller for any RMA/Warranty issues.  Equipment hardware is warranted for the term of twelve (12) months from the purchase date to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service, except in case of damage caused by mechanical, electrical or other accidental or intended damages caused by improper use. The warranty does not include the products fit for purpose and it does not include firmware. Equipment that is damaged by physical abuse, over voltage, lightning, or used in a manner not intended by the manufacturer, is not eligible for warranty replacement.

Maxxwave will perform hardware repairs or provide a replacement only in the event of hardware failure within the warranty period. Troubleshooting procedures must be performed by the customer prior to returning the product to the seller to confirm that the product is being returned for warranty hardware repair. If a device is returned to Maxxwave for warranty repair, and we find the hardware not defective, there will be a $50 technical support fee per device. The fee will be charged back to the customer before the item is returned. Additionally, the customer will be responsible for return freight.

All Maxxwave products that use RouterOS must be “net-installed” by the customer prior to being returned to the seller.  Most issues can be resolved with the reinstallation process.

Instructions for the net-install process can be found here

Please contact the seller direct to initiate any RMA requests, all RMAs will be subject to Maxxwave Warranty terms.