Maxxwave MW-SHIELD120-1

Product Features

• 8 Independent Ports
• Designed for the 120 Degree Ubiquiti AM-5G19-120 (5Ghz) and AM-2G15-120 (2.4Ghz) Antennas.
• Lowers the noise floor providing a much cleaner signal allowing for higher sustainable air rates and fewer errors.
• Better channel planning and increased performance.
• Protects the Rocket, pigtails, and antenna from environmental elements.
• Reduces front-to-back noise ratio.
• Eliminates harmful signal interference.
• Access to Rocket without sector shield removal.
• Half the price, 25% more the protection of competing products.


Shields key features were designed with customer feedback and are 25% thicker than competitive products providing greater rigidity and stability.


Maintenance can be performed on the Rocket without removing the shield from the tower or mounting pole by simply loosening the top mount bracket bolt and tilting the shield forward. Loosen enclosure screws one half turn, squeeze the enclosure from both sides to easily remove enclosure.