Maxxwave MW-SHIELD90-1

Maxxwave Sector Protector RF shields for Ubiquiti antennas keep RF focused where you want it, in front of the antenna! Reduce antenna side-lobes and backside RF from interfering with your multi-sector antenna site. The Maxxwave shields feature a simplified design that is made of extreme precision grade aluminum that’s nearly 25% thicker then the competition to provide you even better RF noise supremacy. Tower installers love the fact that it’s lightweight, yet allow you to change the radio without having to remove the assembly from the tower.

Shields key features were designed with customer feedback and are 25% thicker than competitive products providing greater rigidity and stability.

Maintenance can be performed on the Rocket without removing the shield from the tower or mounting pole by simply loosening the top mount bracket bolt and tilting the shield forward. Loosen enclosure screws one half turn, squeeze the enclosure from both sides to easily remove enclosure.

Made in the USA.
Sector Antenna and Mounting Brackets Sold Separately (As Shown)