Maxxwave MW-RA-2011

Provides a professional look for your MikroTIk RouterBOARD 2011 series RouterBOARD. The best-priced and best looking rack mount solution available for MikroTik RB2011 series RouterBOARDs.

Our adapter allows you to use the Maxxwave RB2011 indoor case and make it rack-mountable. Simply, remove the wall mount or desktop feet from the bottom of the case, slip into this adapter bracket and screw in. Uses the original wall mount screws that came with the Maxxwave RB2011 case.

Combine this adapter with the Maxxwave RB2011 indoor case, add the MikroTik RB2011UAS-2HnD RouterBOARD and you have the most affordable 10-port Gigabit router solution in your server rack!