UBTik combines MikroTik and Ubiquiti Antenna technologies: MikroTik RouterOS and Ubiquiti carrier-class antenna systems. You won’t find anything like this for MikroTik anywhere else.

MikroTik Access Point designed to work with Ubiquiti carrier-class antennas! UBTik unique design makes it possible for a MikroTik RouterBOARD RB922UAGS-5HPacD to mount onto the back of most Ubiquiti antennas**, taking advantage of one of the best carrier-class antenna systems available on the market today. Simply Clip-on, Plug-in and Play! An instant MikroTik PtP is at your fingertips. **not intended for use with Ubiquiti mid-range sector antennas (AM-5G16 or AM-5G17)

Product Features

• Speeds up to 866Mbps!
• New lightweight, corrosion-resistant, weatherproof aluminum enclosure.
• Improved seal mounted directly inside of UBTIk’s cover
• New mounting design for Ubiquiti antennas as well as a pole mount (pipe-clamps sold separately)
• Ethernet Pass-through
• UBTik enclosure features a white powder- coated finish for high aesthetics and quick-disconnect thumb screws for easy access to its contents
• UBTik enclosure aluminum design ensures no RF leakage for adjacent RF channels on a sectored tower
• MikroTik RouterOS Level 5 license
• The most affordable way to run MPLS across your entire wireless network!
• MikroTik Product Warranty applies
• Made with pride in the USA
Maxxwave has recently re-designed its UBTik enclosure systems. New features include:
• Aluminum design to prevent rust and other corrosion over time
• Aluminum design is lightweight to save on shipping
• Improved UV-rated seal, which is mounted directly to inside of box cover to prevent leakage and sun/heat exposure