About Us

Maxxwave Corporation provides cost effective networking solutions for the M2M, Security, Industrial Automation, Energy Management, Public Safety and Wireless Service Provider Markets. We produce quality, affordable products that are in use worldwide from the USA to Latin America.

As product manufacturers, we offer a complete line of products and custom solutions for wired and wireless networking systems, next generation cellular solutions and energy management. Our high speed routers based on MikroTik RouterOS can provide faster performance and better ROI then most other big brand names out there.

Based on MaxxOS, our line of IO controllers allow general purpose sensor networking and control automation that can be connected from wired Ethernet to 3G/4G cellular networks. Standard based 802.11 wireless allows to to integrate with a variety of enterprise and factory floor automation systems.

While most of our products use standard 2.4 and 5Ghz frequencies, we can also be frequency agnostic and work in anything from 30Mhz to 5Ghz. Let us help design a solution for your next project.

What differentiates us from our competition?

Product Flexibility and Price. Our unique approach allows us to be transport agnostic and get you the data you need no matter what the transport medium is. Our price cannot be beat. All of products are made or assembled in the USA. We believe in supporting our local economy.

We constantly evaluate emerging technologies and market changes to ensure that we provide the best networking solutions, a well-suited product mix at the most competitive prices, and the most expert technical support.

Thank you for supporting Maxxwave, let us know how we can help you!